Species: White Rhino

Gender: Male

Born: October 2017

On the 4th of October a tiny little rhino calf was found with his mom and it was clear that he was very skinny and undernourished. At a close look we found that the mother had a tumour on her teat and couldn’t feed her new born calf. He was starving to death and so we made the decision to take the calf away from his mother to give it a chance of survival. It was only 2 days old and would not survive for much longer if he stayed with his mother in the wild.

Within minutes of us walking up to the calf it bravely staggered up to us and inquisitively sniffed and head butted our shins, but showed no signs of fear. We had an instant connection and were therefore able to transport him without drugs, blindfold or ear plugs, on the back of a cruiser to the orphanage.

At the orphanage the little calf immediately bonded with the carers and started drinking milk! Due to the fact that this little calf never had any milk from his mother, he never received any colostrum and we therefore arranged for a rhino plasma transfusion, possibly the first of its kind! His strength returned and he was doing really well but he needed to be isolated and watched over very carefully until he started producing his own anti bodies. He has showed miraculous recovery, and is growing from strength to strength each day.

We decided to name the little boy "Khula" which means "grow" or "grow up" in Zulu. This seemed relevant as we are growing as an orphanage and we would love to see little Khula grow up into a big, strong adult rhino.