Species: White Rhino

Gender: Male

Born: August 2016

Isomiso was admitted in a critical condition as a tiny 3 month old calf (he was the size of a 2month old calf), found collapsed, emaciated, severely dehydrated and heavily tick infested. During the first 24 hours of intensive nursing, it became apparent that Isomiso had lost his sight.

Under drought conditions the calf whilst still in the uterus is affected by placental insufficiency so the calves are born in a compromised condition. The drought also impacts on the condition of the mother and her ability to feed the calf.

Following five to six days of very intensive nursing, little Isomiso started to recover and his sight started gradually returning; the wounds from the tick infestation started healing, hydration, temperature and blood sugar stabilizing and G.I.T. function improved. The most amazing was the rapid recovery in weight and body condition in response to good feeding and nutrition. Little Isomiso has remained a demanding and needy rhino but with strong and determined character ....one of the grumpiest and most verbal little rhino; and always (and sometimes succeeding) trying to escape.

Isomiso was initially introduced to Mahkosi, and now Ntoto has joined them to create a white rhino crush. All 3 orphans cuddle up every night in their outdoor shelter, and spend their days either lazing in the sun or grazing in a group in their big grassy boma.