Species: Black Rhino

Gender: Female

Born: September 2015

Nandi (named after King Shaka’s mother) arrived at the Rhino Orphanage at the end of November 2015 – a tiny two month old black rhino calf orphaned when her mother was poached. If one believes in miracles, then Nandi’s rescue could be considered just that. Our vet was carrying out a post mortem on a poached rhino carcass and noticed tiny rhino spoor that had circled the carcass. A foot search was immediately launched and hopes sank when by four in the afternoon, there was still no sign of the calf. The calf had already gone a few days without milk and was at risk from predators. The chances that she would survive another night were slim. Late afternoon, a last attempt was made with a helicopter search - a scared, weak and dehydrated Nandi was sighted, captured and transported to the Rhino Orphanage. She was also heavily infested with ticks and in a very sorry state. Nandi had incredible spirit and for such a tiny tot, she put up a brave fight and charged her carers. Gradually she settled and started responding to nursing and care, behaving (just a black rhino should) like a princess. Nandi was later introduced to Storm and became Nandi, the naughty. She is a real character and anyone spending time with her will testify to her naughty but playful nature. Nandi and Storm have returned home to Nandis reserve, here they are being kept in a larger boma where they have been weaned off milk and have less and less contact with humans. We are hoping to release them back into the bush in 2018 where they will live a free and wild life once more.