Pangolin Tracking

Pangolin Conservation Experience

(if available) Approx. 1 hours. Dependin g on time of year (late afternoon to early evening in winter and late evening in summer)

Manyoni with support from the Zululand Conservation Trust has taken on a ground-breaking initiative to re-establish Temminck’s ground pangolin in Manyoni Private Game Reserve.

Pangolins have been locally extinct for decades and this new initiative in partnership with the African Pangolin Working Group, is the first of its kind aimed at establishing a viable population of pangolins not only in Manyoni but in the region. The pangolins are confiscated from the illegal trade and cared for at the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary hospital, once they have made a full recovery they are brought to the park where they begin their soft-release program. The pangolins are monitored intensively, firstly to ensure they settle in their new home and secondly for research purposes as this is a unique opportunity to learn about these cryptic animals. Show your support and join one of our guides when they go out on a pangolin monitoring session to see a pangolin first hand and learn more about the program. All the donations received goes into the project for the purchase of the monitoring tags, monitors, equipment and veterinary costs.

*This experience is subject to availability. Guests will unfortunately not be allowed to touch or handle the animals.

Please enquire if this activity is available before offering to your guests
Min 2 and max of 6 people.

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