The Zululand Conservation Trust built and supports two creches in our neighbouring communities. Between the two crèche, we care for about 61 children between the ages of 2-7. At the end of each school year, we treat the children to a fun Christmas party with sweets, cake, Christmas carols and presents.

Christmas was celebrated by all 61 of the children we support and an additional 39 from another crèche in a neighbouring community – each child received their own gift hamper which contained an age-appropriate gift, face cloth and soap, a ball and toothbrush and toothpaste. Can you believe that for just R5000 we were able to make a 100 Christmas Wishes come true!!!

The faces of each child lit up as their name was called out and they came forward to collect their present. They would rush back to their seat and dive face-first into this big bag of goodies and revel in each and everything inside. It was a heart-warming feeling seeing all the happy faces when they unwrapped their gifts. What a joy to play Santa for a day.

Many thanks to Jam Clothing who once again generously donated towards our Christmas party so that each child could get a new piece of clothing for Christmas!

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