Wild Again For 19

Are you following the Wild Again For 19 challenge? For 19 days, Josh and Amy Attenborough (The children of Trustee David) are bracing the wilderness of big 5 territory in Manyoni Private Game Reserve​ to raise awareness for wild spaces that need help over the Covid-19... READ MORE
Nandi and Storm, Return to the wild

Nandi and Storm, Return to the wild

We have exciting news to share. Two of our rhino orphans at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage, Nandi and Storm, are ready to return to a life in the wild. This is a very proud time for all of us at the Zululand Conservation Trust and Zululand Rhino Orphanage. A TOUGH START... READ MORE
What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

On this auspicious day in the history of the Zululand Rhino Reserve Foundation now renamed the Zululand Conservation Trust, I as a founder trustee of the ‘foundation’ found myself pondering thoughts of Where have we come from, What have we achieved The reasons for... READ MORE
Moomins Move

Moomins Move

Little Moomin was found on Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape in July 2017. She was found huddled up next to her dead mother’s body. It is unknown why Moomins mother passed away but she left behind a little 3-month-old calf. The team at Kwandwe... READ MORE
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It is with great excitement that we can officially announced the
dates for Rhino Ride 2023.

Rhino Ride will take place on 25-27 August, and we hope to
have you there with us over this weekend to pedal away for an
amazing cause.

Brought to you by Investec and hosted in Manyoni Private Game
Reserve, Rhino Ride 2023 will be our biggest Rhino Ride yet.
With 400 tickets available, we are working hard to host an
unforgettable event!

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We look forward hosting you!