Mandlakazi High School’s principal, Mrs Nzimande, is dedicated to giving her matric pupils the best opportunity to study and pass their important end of year exams. Therefore, we have dedicated funding to assist with the running costs of her matric camp which we have supported for the past 4 years.

The matric camp is set up within the school 3 weeks before the final exams. It is a safe and quiet space where students are able to learn together, receive extra lessons, and receive 3 meals a day. Many of these learners share a home with relatives and do not have a quiet place to study – the matric camp allows them to get into a routine where they get warm meals 3 times a day, set study times in well-lit classrooms and the bonus of having teachers who can assist with tutoring.

The ZCT assists by funding cooks, the extra teachers, security guards, the donation of old Rhino Ride mattresses as well as a meat donation from Manyoni towards the meals.

In 2017 the pass rate was 23,17%, and the principal was under pressure to get the students to a higher pass rate. We are extremely proud of the Mandlakazi school who managed to get 42 students of 70 to pass the 2018 year, that is a 60% pass rate! And then in 2019 managed to achieve a pass rate of 67.2% – the proof is in the pudding!

Of these students, 14 got Bachelors passes and will be applying to university, and 18 students got diploma passes and will be applying at KZN technicians. Well done Mandlakazi high for your commitment to the learner’s success! This is a great project and we look forward to assisting the school in the future as much as we can.

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