Richard Mabanga, the rhino ambassador for Rhino Art, travels through South Africa visiting schools and spreading awareness about the plight of the rhino, and teaching every learner about the importance of conservation.

On the Manyoni Private Game Reserve, Rhino Art teams up with us to ensure all the schools in our area get to hear Richard’s important message.

Through art, each child is given their own voice, they can express themselves through each of their art pieces and this helps us understand how they view wildlife and what is important to them.

Many of the drawings we receive show images of a fence between the rhinos and the viewer, poachers shooting at rhinos, anti-poaching units fighting back and rhinos with bleeding noses where their horns once were.

Each school chooses a winner, who becomes the school’s rhino ambassador and will represent them at an educational kids environmental camp in Somkhanda Game Reserve over the school vacation. At the camp the rhino ambassador will be exposed to game drives, bush walks and interactive discussion and fireside tales by rhino monitors and field guides alongside all the winners from across KZN.

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It is with great excitement that we can officially announced the
dates for Rhino Ride 2023.

Rhino Ride will take place on 25-27 August, and we hope to
have you there with us over this weekend to pedal away for an
amazing cause.

Brought to you by Investec and hosted in Manyoni Private Game
Reserve, Rhino Ride 2023 will be our biggest Rhino Ride yet.
With 400 tickets available, we are working hard to host an
unforgettable event!

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We look forward hosting you!