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Community schools located on the border of our reserve are full of children who have never seen a wild animal in the bush. Our aim with school game drives is to give every grade 7 in these schools the opportunity to experience a day out in the bush and learn about how game reserves benefit local communities and the economy.

The game drives generally take place during June or July when the weather is still cool, and the vegetation is not too thick. Nine children, along with a field guide and a teacher spend the day together in the game reserve. They get to enjoy game viewing, learn about wild animals and a picnic lunch.

Each child receives an animal booklet which contains both English and Zulu names of the animals, with space to make notes about any information gained from their field guide. This day is a highlight for the grade 7s and serves as an incentive for all the younger grades.

If you would like to be a part of the ZCT Community School Game Drives by sponsoring lunch, juice bottles, rain ponchos or anything that you feel would make this day more special, please get in touch on info@zululandconservationtrust.org

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