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Manyoni Private Game Reserve has put in lots of work to determine the population of a leopard on the reserve, and although we do have leopards residing on the reserve, they are extremely elusive. This is common for a young reserve to have cats that shy away from vehicles and humans. Therefore, in order to habituate the leopard population on Manyoni, the ecology team launched the leopard camera project. Efforts are being made to track leopards and camera traps are being set up in their territories. By creating a cycle, we hope to habituate the leopards to human presence.

The ZCT places value on these magnificent animals and is dedicated to the valuable data that can be maintained form this type of monitoring. By identifying different animals we can start to build ID kits and home ranges and territories and gain a better understanding of the movements. ZCT has donated funds for the camera traps and equipment to successfully get this project on the go.

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