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With hardened scales made of keratin to protect their soft bodies, and the ability to roll up into a tight ball when danger is near, the pangolin is an incredibly prehistoric-looking creature. Much like the rhino horn, the pangolin scales are highly sought after in the illegal wildlife trade. With staggering statistics completely wiping out the species, Pangolins have been dubbed the worlds most trafficked animal. It is for this reason that the Zululand Conservation Trust has dedicated a large number of our conservation funds towards the protection, rehabilitation and monitoring of these incredible animals.

Manyoni Private Game Reserve is working closely with the African Pangolin Working Group and Johannesburg Wildlife Vet to rehome Temmincks ground pangolin that has been rescued from the wildlife trade. Pangolins possess no vocal cords and their only defence is to roll into a ball and lay still – this makes them easy for poachers to capture and conceal them. Whilst in the hands of poachers these pangolins deteriorate due to stress, dehydration and lack of food. But there are people fighting against this trade and each animal confiscated is given a second chance at life. When survivors arrive at the Johannesburg Wildlife vet they receive intensive care and are nursed back to health by a dedicated team and once they are strong enough the pangolins are taken to a suitable reserve (Manyoni being one of the sites) where the “soft release” process begins.

The rehabilitation of the Temmincks Pangolin is an intensive program as the animals require around the clock monitoring to ensure they acclimatise, finding suitable food and gaining weight. We at ZCT have been involved in the hands-on monitoring and soft release process, and have funded the equipment needed to ensure reliable monitoring. The Temmincks Pangolin has not roamed Zululand for nearly 70 years and so this is a historic moment for us and an incredible project of proactive conservation of an extremely endangered species.

Costs for one rescued Pangolin


Tag – Satellite

R18 000.00

Tag – VHF

R3 500.00

Veterinarian – Treatment/Tube feeding/Drips/Bravecto

R14 000.00

Monitoring equipment – Torches/Telemetry Reciever and Aerial/Scales/Batteries

R30 000.00

Staff – Salaries/Diesel

R20 000.00


R85 500.00

 We are so proud of the success we have been having with this project, especially given the persecution under which pangolins currently are. To date, we have successfully released 15 pangolins into the protected area, and all of these individuals have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Moreover, our greatest success within the project is that a viable breeding population of pangolins has been established – and we have had five wild pangolin pups born


 We continue to intensively monitor this population to ensure their safety and continued success within the game reserve. If you would like to support the rehabilitation and protection of Pangolins back into Zululand, please get in touch with us on info@zululandconservationtrust.org or press the DONATE button above.

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