The Zululand Conservation Trust had the recent privilege of accompanying Richard Mabanga, the face of Rhino Art, into our neighbouring communities in an effort to reach out to the youth and educate them on the importance of Rhino.

Rhino Art – Let the children’s voices be heard, aims to gather the largest number of children’s ‘Art Voices’ ever recorded. In an effort to fight the war against poaching, Rhino Art involves local communities that are at times the silent witnesses to the slaughter. We increase conservation awareness among the youth and cultivate the next generation of wildlife ‘ambassadors’ that has a vested interest in the protection of rhino and other endangered species.

Richard is an extremely passionate & infectious person, who has the incredible talent of gaining the attention of every single person in his audience, of course, his ‘Rhino Rig’, that converts into a stage & booms out the latest music is also a hit!

Richard explains to the children the importance of protecting our wildlife & how if we do not conserve our species the Eco-tourism industry will crumble, he then goes on to stress the importance of tourism to our economy & communities & how if our wildlife begins to deplete we will no longer have an attraction for tourism.

With the presentation in isiZulu, Richard is able to relate to the children on their level, he is dressed in traditional wear, and uses different tones of voice to role-play his stories. The crowd erupts with laughter when he acts like a British tourist, and they listen intently as he describes how wildlife crime affects the tourism & communities. All types of emotions are probed in this 30minute presentation.

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