• Griffin

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  • Species: White Rhino
  • Gender: Male
  • Rescued: December 2023

Griffin was with his mother during her final hours as vets and reserve staff tried to save her life. Her condition was thought to be due to an illness or a snake bite but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to save her, leaving behind this tiny baby boy who needed somewhere to go. He was driven through to our facility and then stabilised in our ICU. Weighing in at only 147kg at just 9 weeks old, he adapted quickly to his human carers as he was desperate for food and love. Griffin arrived just before Christmas and our team spent the festive season hard at work providing 24/7 care and around the clock milk feeds to help him survive. He had to be isolated for a little while in case he had contracted an infectious illness from his mother but once all clear he was introduced to the other orphans. Samson very quickly took him under his wing and they have been inseparable since.


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