• Grumilo

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  • Species: White Rhino
  • Gender: Male
  • Rescued: August 2023

Grumilo (Grum for short) comes from the nickname ‘grumpy’ and the Zulu word Isimilo meaning ‘character’. Grum was rescued at the age of 6 months old and with older orphans always being a bit more of a challenge he quickly got his nickname. We have no idea how long Grum had been wondering around on his own after his mother had been poached so we had Grum in our intensive care unit for a while and worked very hard to gain his trust. He took a few days to start drinking milk but thankfully had no major injuries, just trust issues. Once we were happy with his health and progress we introduced him to Kulula and Mulayo and he could not have been happier! Grum did the cutest little happy rhino dance we’ve ever seen. He has done well and really overcome his trauma. He is very gentle and sweet soul and has formed a very strong bond with Mulayo in particular.


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