• Mulayo

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  • Species: White Rhino
  • Gender: Female
  • Rescued: July 2023

Mulayo has been one of the most heartbreaking rescues this year. We received a call about her mother being poached and immediately started a five hour drive to go and help rescue her. While some of our team drove there, others flew there to start the search for her. Unfortunately, we had no luck by the time the sun went down. We slept over and started searching early the next morning. After a couple of hours we managed to relocate and dart the calf. When we found her we saw that she had severe wounds on her ear and neck from the poachers that had attacked her and killed her mother. She was just two months old and had already experienced such pain and trauma. We loaded her into our trailer and started the long journey back to the facility. We tried our best to save her ear but after a week of cleaning and restitching it it was decided that the best thing to do was to remove it as it was not healing. A special donor and friend of ours donated to name her and came up with the name Mulayo from Ekhazimulayo meaning ‘radiant’. What a beautiful name for a special little girl.


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